Don't Be Angry

Client had anger issues and they surfaced given his dissatisfaction with his marriage. 

Ultimately client was convicted of Penal Code Section 242 Battery. 

Client and his then wife ended their marriage and he completed a local Batterers Treatment Program successfully, and immersed himself into school and self improvement. 

Given his impressive transformation, I was contacted to clear his name, and to get his Battery Charge expunged.

We submitted his petition and I was able to present evidence of his Degree and Certification. 

Under these incredible circumstances the court finalized his transformation and granted his petition for dismissal of the Penal Code Section 242 Charge from his record in the interest of justice.

Result: Battery Charge DISMISSED; client ecstatic with having his record and conscious clear under Penal Code Section 1203.4.

DUI -Happily Ever After

Client was convicted of MISDEMEANOR DRY RECKLESS VC 23103.

Client came to me seeking post-conviction relief, as he wanted to apply for a new job. His job would be running a background check on him and this conviction was still open on his record.  

We petitioned the Superior Court to clear my client’s record. We submitted evidenced that my client was gainfully employed and that my client had drastically changed his behavior as to drinking alcohol.

We submitted further evidence showing that my client had obtained a degree in Business Administration, and that he therefore wanted to apply for a more advanced job.   

The judge ordered the immediate dismissal of the Misdemeanor, so that my client could apply for a higher-paying job.

 RESULT: Judge granted the immediate expungement of client’s criminal conviction for Misdemeanor Dry Reckless under VC 23103. 

DUI -Happily Ever After II

Client was arrested by the Milpitas Police Department for a DUI. He was subsequently convicted of California Vehicle Code 23152(b). 

Client contacted my office after recently getting engaged and while planning a wedding. 

We petitioned the Superior Court for an immediate record clearance so that my client could apply for a higher paying job, to help with his new family expenses. 

Soon after, Judge Weinstein GRANTED our request. 

RESULT: VC 23152(b) Case Dismissed, Record Clearance Motion Granted.  

Preparing for College

Client was pulled over by Pasadena Police and arrested for not having a valid drivers license while being on probation for prostitution. 

Client wanted to go back to school, and to have a better life and career. She requested an immediate record clearance. 

We first petitioned the Superior Court to have her prostitution cases cleared up. Then, we petitioned the Pasadena County Superior Court to have her convictions set aside.

We submitted evidence that she was no longer engaging in unlawful behavior and that she had in fact turned her life around. The judge agreed with our evidence and GRANTED our request, so that my client could apply to college without any issues. 

RESULT: Prosecution cases resolved and DISMISSED. Driving on Suspended License and Probation Violation Cases DISMISSED.