Super Client Cleanup

Expungement Client had a 10 year criminal history. I requested his criminal history report from the State of California Department of Justice, and filed petitions and presented evidence of Clients tremendous transformation. 

At the hearing the judge heard argument for the following cases:

1. Penal Code Section 484/488 Theft, Misdemeanor.

2. Vehicle Code Section 14601(a) Driving on Suspended License, Misdemeanor.

3. Vehicle Code Section 23152(a) DUI, Misdemeanor.

4. Vehicle Code Section 23152(b) Driving BAC .08 or Higher, Misdemeanor.

5. Penal Code Section 415 Disturbing The Peace, Misdemeanor.

6. Health & Safety Code Section 11378 Possession for Sale Methamphetamine, Felony.

The probation department submitted a brief to the court requesting a denial of the relief sought.

I appeared in court and argued for the petitioner and the judge granted all our our expungement petitions.

Result: Expungements all granted on the same day in Superior Court.

Early Time Off -DUI

Expungement Client had a two DUI Misdemeanor convictions from Walnut Creek. The Courts terminated his probation early and granted our petition to dismiss DUI charge under Penal Code 1203.4.

Result: Clients Vehicle Code Section 23152(A) and DUI & Vehicle Code Section 23152(b) sases dismissed. Expungements GRANTED

Client Cleanup- DUI

Client was charged and convicted of MISDEMEANOR DUI UNDER VC 23152(b).

Client came to me seeking post-conviction relief, as he wanted his backgroundcheck to come out clean, with no convictions. 

We petitioned the Superior Court to clear my client’s record. We submitted evidenced that my client had stay out of trouble for approximately 7 years. 

The judge ordered the dismissal of the Misdemeanor.

RESULT: Judge granted the expungement of client’s criminal conviction of MISDEMEANOR DUI UNDER VC 23152(b).

Expungement Hit + Run + DUI

Client had a phobia of the police and jail.

​She was involved in a Hit & Run accident, fled the scene, and then was later tracked down by the police. When questioned her fears took over, and she provided false information to the authorities about her identity, and about the vehicle accident. 

​A few years later, client came to my office seeking a record expungement for work purposes. 

We petitioned for the court to expunged:

1. VC 20001(A): Hit & Run with Injury 

2. VC 31, Providing False Information to Peace Officer

3. VC 14601.1(A) Driving with Suspended License

RESULT: The court granted an expungement for each case per our petition and evidence submitted. 

Dont Date Dark People II

Client and his then girlfriend were in a longterm relationship. The couple became pregnant and so my client decided to get engaged to form a loving family unit.The couple moved in together and shared a cramped one bedroom apartment. Soon signs that the relationship was troubled began to surface. The couple got into arguments regularly, and the girlfriend would often go out with her friends at night to cope. After the birth of their son, things only deteriorated further.

One night my client’s girlfriend stayed out late with her friends and returned home around 2am. My client refused to let her into the house and the couple argued at the threshold of the door. The neighbors called the police and they came and arrested my client.

He ended up being charged with a misdemeanor, for forcefully holding the door closed and obstructing the entrance to the home.

In court my office got him probation, and no jail time. After his case was completed, within 30days his petition to the court was granted under Penal Code Section 1203.4. 

Result: Client now having his record expunged applied for a job in the bio-tech industry and got it!

Dont Date Dark People III

Expungement Client met her first love. 

Unfortunately he was the bad boy type and was involved in heavy drug and alcohol use. 

My client entered a dark phase in her life, and ended up shoplifting from Nordstrom’s. She was eventually convicted of petty theft, California Penal Code Section 488. 

After she completed her probation she wanted to turn her life around. She ended things with her boyfriend and moved home. She enrolled into a nursing program. She did exceptionally well. When it came time for her to apply to a University to transfer and in preparation for her licensing exams, she hired me to have her conviction expunged from her record.

I filed her petition and in it, I articulately expressed to the court that my client was the embodiment of what the law deems as a rehabilitated person. She had moved on with her life, completed probation without any issues, and now was receiving top marks in her classes and wanted to pursue a career as a nurse, and become a responsible member of society.

The court granted our petition under Penal Code Section 1203.4.

Result: Client cried and went off to apply to the nursing programs within the California UC School system.