Really Rehabilitated!

Client had a 12-page criminal record (RAP SHEET). Client had racked up numerous arrests and convictions for over a decade in multiple counties in Northern and Southern California.

Client came to me seeking help as it was time to turn the page, and look to a brighter positive lifestyle.

I argued for the rehabilitation of my client and submitted evidence indicating that my client was in fact reformed, rehabilitated and deserving of a record clearance.

The judge was impressed by the declaration and evidence I submitted on behalf of my client and granted our request.

RESULT: Judge granted the expungement of my Client’s criminal convictions.

Mistakes Can Be Cured

Expungement Client was charged with FELONY PENAL CODE SECTION 245(a)(1) ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON. After the conviction he vowed to never be a violent person and to never return to jail. 

He went on to become a License contractor and a property owner. He became involved in charitable organizations and became a positive member of the community.

Result: Clients Penal Code Section 245(a)(1) Assault case DISMISSED under Penal Code 1203.4.​

We Cried Together From Our Victory in Court!

Client was charged with multiple FELONIES






This gentleman became friends with the wrong crowd in his late teens and worked in the drug business. This business was profitable however my client ended up facing four felony convictions as his business colleges were not too sharp and everyone eventually was arrested. My client took a plea deal and was sent to prison for four years. 

Once released my client could not make a living with a serious felony record and went back to dealing drugs for survival. 

After he had gone through two other attorneys, he hired my office to help. I explained that a simple expungement could not be done under the law because of his extensive prison sentences. I applied for a Certificate of Rehabilitation. Throughout the next four months we encountered numerous legal hurtles as it was clear that the District Attorney's Office did not like granting these requests. 

Ultimately we prevailed and the judge not only granted our petitions, she held us to the end of the court calendar to personally tell my client that she was extremely impressed by his petition and that she was extremely impressed by how he had turned his life around.

We both waked out of court crying. It was a powerfully emotional experience; it was a very very sweet victory.

From Bribery to Blessed

Client was charged and convicted of FELONY COMMERCIAL BRIBERY PC 641.3.

Client came to me seeking post-conviction relief, as he no longer wanted to carry the weight of this conviction around his neck.

We petitioned the County Superior Court to clear my client’s record of this felony conviction. We submitted evidenced that my client was a homeowner, and that he gave back to the community by running a non-profit for children. We submitted further evidence showing that my client helped over 25 foster children with his non-profit – he turned their lives around. So the effect of these good deeds was that the judged helped turn my client’s life around.

The judge ordered that the Felony be reduced to a Misdemeanor. Further, that the Misdemeanor be dismissed.

RESULT: Judge granted expungement of Clients criminal conviction for Felony Bribery; reduction of Felony to Misdemeanor, and Misdemeanor DISMISSED. 

Mistakes Made by the Youth Can Be Corrected

Expungement Client was convicted of Embezzlement in her early twenties. 

She was put on probation but violated. Her probation was revoked and a bench warrant was issued for her arrest. She ended up doing jail time to cure her probation violation. 

Nine years later she contacted my office to take her case and to get her record expunged.

We petitioned the court and submitted evidence of her transformation and new life path. Our request was successfully granted.

Result: Embezzlement Plea Amended to Not Guilty Plea. Embezzlement Penal Code 508 /487 DISMISSED under Penal Code Section 1203.4. Clients tough past is now behind her for good.