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The Invisible Woman

Client came to my office facing a warrant for failure to appear to her Felony arraignment where she was charged with FOUR FELONY Counts of Identity Theft, with FOUR PRIORS charged as sentence enhancements. 

First, I had her warrant recalled without her bail being revoked, and she remained out of custody. 

Next, over the next six months I obsessed over her case. The Deputy District Attorney and I went back and forth over the evidence in this case. Moreover, I pointed out that the DA's witnesses for trial had week stories. 

​Miraculously, I was able to get the case resolved for one misdemeanor count. Each of the remaining felony counts were dismissed including the prior enhancements. 

RESULT: FOUR FELONY COUNT INFORMATION DISMISSED. Client settled with one misdemeanor charge

No Probable Cause? No Problem!

Client was pulled over while on Probation. He was charged with a violation of Vehicle Code Section 14601, Driving on a Suspended License as a Misdemeanor.

Client contacted my office for help. I was able to show that the Officer had no Probable Cause to stop my client, so the subsequent discovery that my client was on Probation and was driving without a license was irrelevant because the Officer did not show that there was Probable Cause for the stop. 

RESULT: Case dismissed for lack of Probable Cause. 

A Party Foul -DUI

Client contacted me after having been arrested for a DUI. Client was out clubbing and was pulled over at 3am. 

Result: Wet reckless. NO JAIL. Court reduced fines and classes. 

The Feds Are Not Friendly! Federal DUI

Client was speeding on Federal land after drinking at a bar with some friends. 

He was arrested and charged with a Federal DUI. The consequences my client was facing were extreme.

By fighting the arresting officers statements and challenging the BAC test results, I was able to get the case reduced to reckless driving only. 

Results: Reckless driving. 

Redemption is Real

CLIENT HAD 22 CONVICTIONS relating to drugs and alcohol on his record that had accumulated over the course of his life. He contacted my office and wanted to erase his past, since he had grown into a distinguished and matured man. 

I had Seven (7) of his FELONY CONVICTIONS RECLASSIFIED TO MISDEMEANORS pursuant to Prop 47, and then each of those misdemeanors DISMISSED under Penal Code Section 1203.4.

The remaining 15 convictions I had DISMISSED under Penal Code Section 1203.4


Fancy Footwork!

Client was charged and convicted of Penal Code Section 459/460(a) Residential Burglary, Felony in Count I, Penal Code Section 459/460(b), Felony in Count II.

Client came to me seeking post-conviction relief, as he wanted to apply for a new job after completing college, and no job would take a convicted felon. His job would be running a background check on him and these convictions were still open on his record.

We petitioned the Contra Costa County Superior Court to remove the Felony in Count I, per Nunc Pro Tunc, and to have the felony in Count II, reduced to a misdemeanor for all purposes under Penal Code Section 17(b), and to subsequently have the entire record expunged.

It took three Court Hearings to argue this case, as the method I used to clear my client’s felony record was complex, and it required evolvement from the probation department, and the District Attorney’s Office, as well as help from the Judge.

In the end we were victorious, and the judge ordered the immediate removal of Count I, Nunc Pro Tunc, and the reduction of Count II to a misdemeanor, and the subsequent expungement of the entire case.

RESULT: Judge removed one felony and reduced second felony to a misdemeanor, and then expunged my client’s record. My Client walked away with a freshly signed and stamped court-order showing that he was FELONY FREE.