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Partying Way Too Hard!

Client was from Los Angeles and had visited San Francisco to have some fun and party with some local friends. 

The night involved heavy drinking and drug use. My client ended up partying with the wrong crowd and was arrested. In jail he contacted me for help. 

I helped bail my client out at a discounted rate because he was using my services. When we appeared in court a few weeks later the District Attorney's Office had charged my client with THREE FELONY counts of RESIDENTIAL BURGLARY, and ONE COUNT OF VANDALISM in San Francisco Superior Court. 

I was extremely upset that the District Attorney's Office was this harsh on my client. During the pendancy of litigation I exposed that my client was actually not a criminal, and had no ability to form the required specific intent to do the alleged crimes since he was heavily intoxicated. 

My client walked away with a simple misdemeanor trespass charge and probation. 

RESULT: NO JAIL TIME; NO PRISON -Community Service & AA. 

Human Trafficking or Pimping?

Client charged in SIXTEEN (16) count Information for Human Trafficking. 

SIXTEEN FELONY counts. Client also had four priors. My client's exposure in this case was so high, that if convicted he would essentially die in prison. 

The Prosector believed that my client should spend the rest of his life in prison. 

I passionately argued for my client and eventually the prosecutor agreed with our facts of the case. 

She DISMISSED all counts of human trafficking. We resolved the case for one count of Pimping. 

Result: All Human Trafficking Charges dismissed. FIFTEEN COUNTS DISMISSED.

A stroke of Bad Luck for a Gun Owner

Client was charged with FIVE FELONIES (5): Possession of Weapons by A Narcotics Addict; Drug Possession; Possession of Multiple Fire Arms and Brass Knuckles.

Client came to me seeking help as he did not want to go to prison and he did not want to loose his work license and job.

Eventually we were able to produce enough evidence for the Deputy District Attorney to move to DISMISS ALL FELONY COUNTS.

RESULT: My Client walked away FELONY FREE, with community service on one misdemeanor count.  

Insurance Fraud -The Common Man's Nightmare

An engineer was charged with Three Counts of Insurance Fraud. 

One FELONY count and two additional MISDEMEANOR counts. My client did not defraud his insurance company and needed to prove himself. 

I passionately argued for my client, while the Deputy District Attorney listened intently. The Deputy District Attorney with his eyes wide open, and with his full attention, agreed with me. 

He gave us community service in exchange for dismissing all the charges against my client.

Result: Client’s record unaffected. No Criminal Convictions entered. All Charges dismissed in exchange for 30 hours of community service.

The Holiday From Hell

Client was arrested for domestic violence after a fight with his wife during the holiday season. She wanted to kick him out of the family home and sought an immediate divorce and domestic violence order. My client was arrested on alleged domestic violence charges. 

Client contacted my office for help. I was able to show that my client was not the initial aggressor. I was further able to show that there was evidence of mutual combat between spouses; a whirlwind of emotions over the divorce, and that my client was not a violent person. 

RESULT: Domestic Violence charges dismissed. Client fined $215 for a disturbing the peace infraction, only.

Three Strikes -Miracle

Client had Three Strikes Case and was facing consecutive life sentences. 

I entered the case at the sentencing phase and submitted a Sentencing Brief (Romero Motion) which are rarely granted in Santa Clara County Superior Court. 

The judge granted the motion and stricken the three strikes application to my clients sentence.

The Three Strikes Law was not applied to my client even though his initial strike cases were formerly prosecuted by the now Chief District Attorney of Santa Clara County, and the mood of the Court during this instant case was not favorable, and it seemed clear that they wanted my client to be sent away for life, hence the consecutive life sentences that hung over his head.

Despite all that my ROMERO MOTION was granted, because we successfully persuaded the Court by forcing them to view my client and his life in its entirety, and not just based on what was written up in some police report.

Result: Romero Motion Granted, three strikes sentence not imposed.