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Under 21 DUI

California has a zero tolerance policy. A DUI stop for an underage driver could cause you to loose your drivers license even if you are not drunk. I provide the special care and legal manuevering  that is needed for under age cases. 

First Time DUI

If you have been arrested for your first DUI, you have 10 days to contact the DMV to schedule a hearing to protect your California Drivers License. Contact me immediately to help with your DUI case. I can help you challenge the DUI evidence. 

Commercial Driver DUI

If you are a commercial driver you are considered to be under the influence if your BAC is 04%. I will fight tenaciously for you to keep your drivers license and career. Contact me immediately to help with your DUI case. 

2nd DUI

A second DUI case will expose you to a longer license suspension, increased fines and greater jail exposure. There is still hope, as cases can be dismissed or reduced based on bad evidence. 

On Probation DUI

Probation violation? Were you recently arrested while on probation for another case? I can help you at your VOP (violation of probation hearing) and with your new case. 

Multiple DUI Cases

Have you been convicted of multiple DUI cases? I have helped many people with lenghly criminal history remain our of jail, even with a new DUI case. Contact me for immediate help. 


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