Quality DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney in California

I started in the Criminal Defense field in 2006 as a Paralegal. I was drawn to the courtroom. In only my second week I was already in a Federal Jury Trial in Oakland, on a defense team with two other attorneys. It was for a multimillion dollar criminal fraud case at the Northern District Court. From there I went on to work on many different criminal jury trials.

In 2013, I became an attorney. In 2015, I decided to open my own law practice focusing on DUI cases and Expungement Cases. Since then I have been advocating for the wrongly accused, and most commonly, for  the over-charged criminal defendant. I have worked with really complex criminal issues that call for multi-county dismissal litigation. 

I am very passionate about cleaning-up clients criminal history profiles (Expungements). I believe that the collateral consequences of a criminal conviction can go too far. A conviction affects nearly every aspect of a person's life, making it nearly impossible for that person to move on with their life. 

 If you need help and seek a passionate and devoted attorney, please don't hesitate to contact me.